Puppeteer's Workshop


2-6 players | 70mins | Secret location (Mission)



6-36 players | 60 minutes | On or Off-site

Team Building Workshop


6-36 players | 2.5 hours | On or Off-site


Mysterious stage puppeteer Harry Keller has returned from an unexplained hiatus and he's searching for a new apprentice. You will need to solve a series of challenging puzzles to pass Keller's tests and demonstrate your potential for the role. But, pay close attention, not everything is as it seems... Will you be able to escape Keller's curious workshop in time? 

You and your team of eager political volunteers must work quickly to prevent a hostile organization hacking into your campaign causing untold devastation. If you're resourceful enough in piecing together the clues, you might even figure out who's responsible, and how they managed to get past your supposedly air-tight security! 

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Our games were designed by experts in human cognition and behavior specifically to find opportunities to increase team performance and happiness.

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We create immersive, challenging experiences that place you inside the story.



Our games are designed for new and experienced players, so everybody shares in the fun.



Race against the clock to solve puzzles, overcome challenges and uncover secrets. 


What people are saying about our games & workshops

"The best escape room I've done. It had a great atmosphere. The attention to detail in the game design is amazing."  Leah, San Francisco

"A group of us went to the Puppeteer's Workshop for a birthday party. None of us are gamers or have ever tried an escape room before. We had a blast!  The game was challenging but doable (we finished within our allotted time).  The puzzles seemed very clever and thoughtful.  You don't even need to know English to do this challenge."

Puppeteer's Workshop, Shoey S.


"We had an excellent experience and lots of laughs with Dr Mike from Head Games! He brought their portable game “Hacked” to our office for a team building day. They did a great job transforming our workspace into a campaign office. It's clear they put a lot of work into creating a fun and logical puzzle experience. Our team was very happy and everyone had a lot to talk about afterwards! The game itself had a fun story and some really interesting puzzles. Absolutely recommend this company and this game!" 

Hacked, Ross M. 


"We did a team building workshop with Head Games with our group of 17 and had a really fantastic time... The game itself was hilarious, fun and not too challenging – perfectly pitched for our group of players - some of whom had experience with escape games, others who had never heard of them... This game would have been a good team bonding activity just on its own, however using it as the basis of a training workshop is a really, really great idea and very professionally executed!

Mike was an excellent facilitator and put everyone at ease quickly. He listened to the issues that we raised and watched what happened during the game carefully, then used the material that came up to guide us through a strategy session that was surprisingly relaxed, inclusive, open and productive."

Team Building Workshop, David S. 


"The Puppeteer's Workshop is wonderfully entertaining. This room offers a fantastic atmosphere and a detailed backstory. There's also a compelling and humorous character who acts as your guide. The puzzles were great. Even experienced players in our group were giddy with the novel mechanics being employed. Without ruining any surprises, The Puppeteer's Workshop has the most creative puzzle I've ever seen in an escape room."

Puppeteer's Workshop, John K.


"A group of 6 of us went to this room escape this weekend, and it was fantastic! I'd done a ton (20+) of room escapes before and this one had a couple of unique, clever aspects that I'd never seen in another room. The aesthetics were great, with a hand-made, creative vibe and lovely sound design... I would definitely recommend this Room Escape and hope the creator opens additional rooms!

Puppeteer's Workshop, Christi G.