Our Philosophy

Head Games was founded by a team of psychologists and sociologists passionate about games and play. We've used our expertise to design a series of popular, critically acclaimed games and immersive experiences that now span 6 countries and 4 continents. 

We noticed that how we play together tells us a lot about how we learn, feel and relate to one another, so we decided to start designing games that are more than just fun to play. We wanted to help people learn us about themselves and those around them, and thereby recognize opportunities to grow.


More than Team Bonding

We reviewed the evidence about what dynamics define high performing teams. Then we designed games that specifically allow us to see these dynamics in action. 

Our approach to training uses our games to actively engage teams in collaborative, guided activities and discussion. 

Our workshops will help your team:

  • learn about the factors that predict high team effectiveness and cohesion

  • understand your team's unique dynamics, strengths and opportunities for improvement

  • practice effective communication and other skills that predict effective team performance

  • collaboratively self-reflect and set measurable, meaningful goals

  • tap into collective intelligence to develop realistic strategies and motivation for change

  • learn to use our app, Kannetic, to track and iterate on the improvements you start to make in our workshop


Powered by Kannetic

We give you ongoing access to our easy to use app which provides a detailed outline of our curriculum and structured activities, allowing you to continue to grow even after you complete our workshops.

Use it to guide collaborative team discussion about dynamics, goals and strategies, then track your progress over time.




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Escape Game Session 

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Interactive Team Assessment

Feedback & Strategy Session

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