What's an Escape Game?

You and your team have only a limited time to unravel the secrets of a mysterious room. Immerse yourself in a curious world, and solve fun, challenging puzzles to escape before the timer runs out. 

How do I book a game or workshop?

Bookings can be made online using a credit card here. If you wish to book a game on the same day please call or send a text message to +1 702 292 2334 or email. Please include in any messages your preferred contact, group size & game time/date.

How many people can play? 

Puppeteer's Workshop: You can book for 2-7 people (we recommend 4-6 players). If you want to bring more players than you originally paid for, that’s fine (up to the maximum of 7). Simply let us know when you arrive for your game, and we will adjust your booking/payment online for you. All other changes to game bookings require at least 48 hours notice. Each group books the whole room for the number of people in your group. You will not be placed with strangers. We can arrange back to back groups if you’d like to bring more than 7 players. 

Hacked! / Team Building: Our mobile escape game event can currently be played by groups of 6 to 36 players. If you would like to play but have a group larger than 36 please contact us. All changes to bookings require at least 48 hours notice. 

How long is each game?

Puppeteer's Workshop: 90 mins (70 mins game, 20 mins intro/debrief)

Hacked! 80 mins (60 mins game, 20 mins intro/debrief)

Team Building: 2.5 hours (15 mins assessment, 60 mins game, 75 mins strategy session) 

Where are the games located?

Puppeteer's Workshop: Located in the Mission, close to 24th Street Bart Station, the precise location remains a closely kept secret! Upon booking you will receive instructions on how to find us.

Hacked! / Team Building: These are mobile experiences. We can set up anywhere you have the space for your group of participants. If you are not able to provide a space to play, contact us to find out about options for locations.

How much does it cost?

Puppeteer's Workshop: Weekday teams of 2 players=$59 per game, 3=$89, 4=$109, 5=$129, 6=$149, 7=$179. Weekend teams of 2=$69, 3=$99, 4=$119, 5=$139, 6=$159, 7=$189. Note: we allow groups of 8 or 9 players when the majority of players are aged under 15 years of age, see below. 

Hacked!: Teams of 4-10 players=$249 per game; 11-20 players=$449; 21-30 players=$649; 31-40 players=$849

Team Building: For a limited time our expert team building workshops are available for teams of 4-20 people for $499, 21-30 people for $749, and 31-40 people for $999. Click here to receive a quote.

Can people under 18 play?


Players may participate so long as they are 10 years of age or older. Our games are great for families! We require that a parent or guardian provides consent to participate on behalf of individuals aged under 18 years.

Puppeteer's Workshop has some mild horror themes that may make it unsuitable for some younger players. We suggest that parents use their discretion, for example, having an adult participate alongside younger players to provide guidance and supervision. We require all players aged under 15 years of age to be accompanied by at least 1 adult during their game.

Hacked is recommended for players aged 18 and above.

Can we book for our child's birthday party?

Puppeteer's Workshop: Yes! In fact, we allow parties of up to 9 people when the majority of players are aged under 15 years. Simply book your game, then contact us to let us know the details (number of children & adults, game time/date). 

We require all players aged under 15 years of age to be accompanied by at least 1 adult during their game (e.g. 8 children + 1 adult, or 7 children + 2 adults), and a parent or guardian must sign a consent form on behalf of any players aged under 18 years.

Price for 8 player game = $219, 9 player game = $249.

Do you take corporate bookings? 


Hacked! is a mobile escape game especially designed for large groups. It can be played at your workplace, or any location you like. It forms part of our expert designed and facilitated team building workshopsEmail us if you’d like to learn more or call +1 702 292 2334.

Puppeteer's Workshop can also be booked for team building games. We can arrange back-to-back sessions for larger groups, and may be able to host your group function at our location upon request. Please contact us for details. This game is perfect for team building, birthday parties or games with friends.

Can Head Games come to my workplace?


Hacked! is a mobile escape style game that we can bring to your workplace or any location you would like. Hacked! can also be played as part of our expert designed and facilitated team building workshops

What should I bring?

Bring your glasses if you need them for reading. We'll provide everything else you need to play!

Do you sell gift vouchers?

Yes! Vouchers are available here. All vouchers are automatically sent via email, however we can provide a customized version with more detail about Head Games upon request. Vouchers can be bought for specific games or for Head Games products and services in general. 

Is our booking for the entire room?

Yes! All bookings are for the entire room or event. You will not share your game with strangers.

Didn't find the answer to your question? 

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